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Shi No Numa

Post by Walsall_Ram on Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:41 pm

Strategytaken from another site :/

* If you die, try to hurry back to your squad as soon as possible. You will spawn in the central room with only your pistol.

* Try to "camp" one of the four huts that will have the Mystery Box in it.

* There are two different strategies for dealing with Hellhounds. When the Hellhounds strike, you and your team can camp in a corner or a building, though it is almost a necessity if carrying two low mobility weapons, like the MG-42 or the M1919 Browning. Another strategy is to go into the open and back-pedal with a weapon with high mobility, like a Type 100, Thompson, PPSh-41 or a Ray Gun.

* Having a person guard the front entrance with a machine gun would not be a bad idea. Have the players with the lower rate of fire or lower damage weapons guard their backs.

* Hellhounds appear first at the earliest round 5 and the latest 7, so it is recommended you get to the Mystery Box before this round otherwise you will most likely end up dead. The Gewehr 43 and the Arisaka in the players' spawn room are terrible against the Hellhounds.

* There is always a 3-round+ grace period between Hellhound waves. Use it to your advantage early on to get better weapons.

* It is best when you're in the first room, to open the wooden door with a warning sign on it, because if you open the staircase, the Zombies can sneak up on you while gathering weapons or exploring the map.

* It is more recommended that the player uses their pistol for the first round until they get 600 points so one can buy the Gewehr 43 which is much more effective against zombies than the Arisaka, or to simply use grenades and the pistol until they get 1950 points so they can open up the downstairs and get a weapon from the mystery box.

* If the mystery box moves, it will be in the hut with a yellow light pouring out of the roof. This is an invaluable thing to know when playing on this map, as not knowing where the mystery box is will make the game much more challenging.

* Though it is recommended that you play with a full, or almost full squad, it is still not impossible without one. Even playing solo, there are certain advantages, such as being able to go downstairs and grab a shotgun as soon as Round 3, as well as less zombies per round with less people.

* Let one or two zombies in during the first rounds. If they carry Max Ammo power-ups, then the pistol can be used for a longer time, negating the need to buy an Arisaka or a Gewehr 43.

* Try to stay away from the Storage Hut. It is a tiny area with little room to run if zombies break through your defences.

* If you need help and your team is far away, it is possible to turn on the Flogger and CRAWL underneath it allowing you to survive and the zombies behind you being thrown and killed.

* When a party of 4 players is in a hut, have 2 people watch the front door and the others watch the windows. Put the power weapons, such as machine guns and the Ray Gun, up front where most of the zombies will be coming from.

* Instead of going to the mystery box immediately after unlocking the Warning Room or the staircase, it is advised by some to buy a Thompson off the wall. It is cheaper to buy ammo for it than to go to the box.

* SMGs will get you a LOT of points. Since they have low damage, they take more shots to kill. Every extra bullet it takes to kill a zombie is another 10 points. Those 10 add up constantly and give you a huge bonus compared to other guns. SMGs like the Thompson, Type 100, and MP40 are good in the early rounds (1-10). You won't get overwhelmed by zombies in these rounds, and you will be able to get huge point totals before you are forced to buy more powerful guns. All three SMGs can be bought off walls for 1000-1200, and it is cheaper to make the investment and just re-buy ammo than go to the mystery box every time you're out of bullets.

* One strategy involves holding out in the spawn room until the end of round four, then going downstairs for Thompsons and shots at the mystery box. Then, after the first wave of Hellhounds, open the gate to the Fishing Hut (under the Flogger). Hold out there, swapping out empty guns for the MP40. Use the SMG point strategy to get a high number of points. When all players have amassed about 12,000 points, hold a zombie at a window and have everyone else (all players not repairing that window so the zombie can't get in) go open the other doors and buy the other perks. Then, the other players can watch the window while the last one gets his or her perks. This way, all players have all the perks and a huge advantage going into the later rounds.

* A strategy that can be used to get to a high level is going to the comm room and camping there regardless of where the mystery box is. This can be done solo or with 4 people. The strategy requires you to have a ray gun, or at least a strong weapon. The ideal weapon combination is a Ray Gun and Wunderwaffe DG-2, but you can survive with a gun like the PPSh-41 or an HMG. This also requires you to have at least Juggernaut. The strategy is to run around the wooden platforms of the outside of the Comm Room. You need to dodge all zombies that come toward you. When all zombies are following you, turn around and shoot them all with your weapons. This can be done with four players, with the player having the Wunderwaffe DG-2 and a good weapon luring the zombies. The other players guard the hut at the window, door, and one person alternating between both. When the Hellhounds come, go to the outside corner of the hut. The Hellhounds do not go on the swamp, so they only go from your right or left, both in very sparse numbers (1 or 2) each time.

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Re: Shi No Numa

Post by Walsall_Ram on Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:44 pm


Starting Loadout
* Colt M1911 (with 32 extra bullets)
* Kiska grenades (x2)

Players' Spawn Room
* Arisaka (200 points to buy, 100 for ammo)
* Gewehr 43 (600 points to buy, 300 for ammo)

Warning Room
* Stielhandgranate x4 (250 points to buy)
* M1 Carbine (600 points to buy, 300 for ammo)

* Bouncing Betty x2 (1000 points to buy)

Doctor's Quarters Entrance
* M1 Garand (600 points to buy, 300 for ammo)

Storage Entrance
* M1897 Trenchgun (1500 points to buy, 750 for ammo)

Starting Mystery Box Room
* Thompson (1200 points to buy, 600 for ammo)

Fishing Hut
* MP40 (1000 points to buy, 500 for ammo)

Doctor's Quarters
* M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (1800 points to buy, 900 for ammo)

* Type 100 (1000 points to buy, 500 for ammo)

Comm Room
* StG-44 (1200 points to buy, 600 for ammo)

Mystery Box
* Arisaka
* Gewehr 43
* M1 Garand (with or without rifle grenade)
* M1 Carbine
* Thompson submachine gun
* Type 100
* MP40
* M1897 Trench Gun
* Double-Barreled Shotgun
* Sawed off Double-Barreled Shotgun w/Grip
* StG-44
* M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle
* M1911
* M1919 Browning Machine Gun
* MG-42
* FG-42
* PPSh-41
* PTRS-41
* .357 Magnum
* Panzerschreck
* M2 Flamethrower
* Ray Gun
* Wunderwaffe DG-2
* Teddy Bear (points refunded to player)

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Re: Shi No Numa

Post by Walsall_Ram on Sat Jun 27, 2009 10:46 pm


Dead Air: Press "use" (Hold [] on Playstation and hold "X" on Xbox) near the phone in the comm room until music starts to play.

Weapon of Minor Destruction: Kill only one zombie with a nuke. This mostly depends on coincidence between the time you pick up the nuke and the point at which only one zombie is on the map.

Hammer Time: Replace 200 window boards in one game.

Fertilizer Man: Kill 200 zombies in one game.

Perk-a-Holic: Have all four perks at once.

Soul Survivor: Reach round 15 without being downed at all.

Big Baller: Earn 75,000 points in a single game.

Big Brawler: During a single Insta-Kill, knife 10 zombies.

It's a Trap!: Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round.

Deadhead: Get 150 headshots on zombies in a single game.

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Re: Shi No Numa

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