Highs n Lows

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Highs n Lows

Post by Walsall_Ram on Wed Mar 11, 2009 1:07 am

Ok, this is for 1v1 gaming online.. Just wondering what your best games have been on Fifa 09..

I know some of you have unbelievable records.. How do you guys do it?! Lol..

Anyway.. My last game of the night ended up me playing a Sheffield Weds fan.. Obviously he moved to Man Utd straight away.. (Knob) .. but I made him move back to pick Sheff Weds... I was Derby..

I hammered him 7-1... I loved it. Didn't want the final whistle to go. haha..

So share your experiences with us.

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Re: Highs n Lows

Post by Lennox22 on Wed Mar 11, 2009 12:18 pm

had a great game yesterday , i was playing as fiorentina against inter ... dominating the guy honestly then suddenly i am 2-0 down , so i made a couple subs and tactical switches.... suddenly i get one back from a free kick and i a back in the game ....

were in the 87 min i am clean through with mutu ... hits the bar , comes back i hit the post ... its cleared and i am gutted !!!! ... he tries to put the ball into the corner on his attack as its the 90th min .. i get in and clear it up the pitch and find mutu in space 2-2 ..91st min Smile

in extra time i give away a penalty which is saved ... i hit the bar again!!! , both keepers make some great saves ... then with 4 or 5 mins to go i get a corner which he clears with a header to the edge of the box ... gilardino volley flies in ... 3-2 to me Smile

think he was ranked about 200 and i am about 500 ... and that game has sparked a 21 match streak which i am still on Smile

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